First reactions to Buzz

By now, plenty of people have tried out Buzz. Here are a few things I’ve noticed that I think make it stand out among other social networking sites:

  • Choose who sees what. Plain and simple select box, up front, every time you write a new post. And those users can easily see a list of folks who are also privy to the conversation.
  • It tells you about new followers when you log in. Notice what it does not do: it does not clutter up your inbox with “Jim Beam is now following you” emails. Granted, it does clutter up your inbox with plenty of other stuff, but that is easily fixed. (Quick addition to that lifehacker article: also check the “Mark as read” box on the filter; you can rely on the Buzz interface to indicate unread messages.)
  • Search! This is the upside to all Buzzes landing in your Gmail: you can always find an archived message. Need to find that link you saw in your Twitter feed three months ago about Super Bowl predictions? Good luck!

Oh, and need I mention the single click it will take me to add this blog post to my Buzz stream?

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